RC Transponder Trade-in

Upgrade your current AMBrc, AMBrc DP, MYLAPS RC2 or cloned transponder to a new RC4 Pro, RC4 or RC4 Hybrid transponder. Follow the steps below to make the trade-in deal a success:

Step 1: Place your order
Click on "add to cart" and place your order. When your order is placed successfully, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. Please note that your new transponder will have a different ID.

Step 2: Send your current transponder
Send your current MYLAPS transponder or cloned transponder together with the printout of your order confirmation e-mail to the MYLAPS office in your region. Find the addresses of the nearest office here!

Step 3: Get your new MYLAPS RC4 Transponder
As soon as we receive your MYLAPS transponder or cloned transponder and the printout of your order confirmation, we will send the new MYLAPS RC4 Pro, RC4 or RC4 Hybrid Transponder to your shipping address. Please consider up to 3 weeks shipping time depending on demand. Please note, the new RC Transponder will not have the same transponder number as your old transponder.

See the “Specifications” tab for all trade-in conditions.

More about the RC Transponder Trade-in

Warranty and Insurance

Your MYLAPS transponder or chip comes with warranty and insurance. It covers damage as a result of accident or fire – but not theft or loss.
This means MYLAPS guarantees that the device keeps working and is in good order.

If you have a TR2 Transponder, X2 Transponder, Flex Transponder or ProChip with a valid subscription, we provide unlimited warranty
as long as you have an active subscription, under some conditions. Should any problems occur during normal use – as described in the manual –
MYLAPS will repair or replace your transponder free of charge. All details can be found in our
warranty policy.