Active Sports

The world’s greatest athletes know: practice pays off. It doesn’t matter if you run, cycle, skate, swim or compete in triathlons, insight in your training sessions will eventually improve your results. MYLAPS ProChip FLEX measures your performance data and helps you to analyze practice and race results.

ProChip FLEX

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Insight in your performance will enhance results. Time your practice runs and analyze race results with this subscription-based sports timing chip.

Prochip FLEX Ankle Strap

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Attach your Prochip to your ankle with this comfortable Ankle Strap

ProChip FLEX Cap

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Protect your ProChip FLEX with this capĀ (red)


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Running is part of everyday life for many people all over the world. The ChampionChip can be used at numerous running events and triathlons worldwide

ProChip Bikeholder

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The ProChip Bikeholder enables you to attach your ProChip in an easy and neat way to your bike. It's firmly attached and doesn't damage your bike.

ProChip FLEX Renewal

Looking for an renewal for you ProChip FLEX?
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Insurance included
Unlimited warranty

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