The more you know, the faster you go - and that is exactly why we bring you the X2 Transponder for MX racing. X2 will guide you to faster laps, as it offers insights into your performance. You can see, analyze and share your training and race results through your personal MYLAPS account. With the additional Direct Power upgrade you can connect your transponder to your bike’s battery.

X2 Transponder MX

The new X2 transponder for MX: robust, reliable and accurate, permanently installed with power through the battery or rechargeable with back-up battery.


Additional X2 Transponder Holders to securely install your X2 Transponder onto your vehicle

X2 Racekey Package

The X2 RaceKey is here to help you manage your subscription and charge your transponder.

Looking for a subscription renewal?

X2 Subscription Renewal

1 / 2 / 5 year subscriptions

Extend the use of your X2 Transponder with 1, 2 or 5 years.

By clicking on RENEW IN ACCOUNT you will be redirected to your MYLAPS account. Please be aware that you will leave the Speedhive webshop.

FLEX Accessories

Holder & Clip (50 pieces)

For CLASSIC & FLEX Transponders (Not for X2 Transponders)

Holder & Clip

For CLASSIC & FLEX Transponders (Not for X2 Transponders)

FLEX Car Adapter

Car adapter to charge your FLEX transponder

Classic Transponder Kit

A complete charging kit for your classic transponder.

FLEX Transponder Cradle

A FLEX cradle is used to connect your FLEX transponder to your pc.