Connection Box with Coax (Motorized)

Detection loops are the antennas for the system. They receive signals from passing transponders and pass them on to the decoders. Here you can find a variety of additional connection boxes with coax cables.

Coax cables with connection box can be used to make a connection to the detection loop. 

 *Please note that the connection boxes with coax cables featured above are compatible with Car/Bike, Kart, MX and RC timing systems only.

More about the Connection Box with Coax (Motorized)

Warranty and Insurance

Your MYLAPS transponder or chip comes with warranty and insurance. It covers damage as a result of accident or fire – but not theft or loss.
This means MYLAPS guarantees that the device keeps working and is in good order.

If you have a TR2 Transponder, X2 Transponder, Flex Transponder or ProChip with a valid subscription, we provide unlimited warranty
as long as you have an active subscription, under some conditions. Should any problems occur during normal use – as described in the manual –
MYLAPS will repair or replace your transponder free of charge. All details can be found in our
warranty policy.