X2 Transponder Kart

Due to high demand and global shortage of components the X2 Transponder is currently out of stock.


The X2 Transponder is compatible with all MYLAPS (AMB) timing systems.

This transponder can be used as rechargeable transponder (No Upgrade) or can be permanently charged by your vehicle battery (Direct Power Upgrade).

The X2 Transponder requires a subscription. The price includes hardware and a subscription of 1, 2 or 5 years. After this initial period the subscription can be renewed. To activate your X2 Transponder, you need to connect it to a computer.


  • Unlimited warranty during active subscription
  • Compatible with all MYLAPS (AMB) Timing Systems
  • Option to choose between rechargeable battery or Direct Powered by your vehicle's battery
  • Easy and free online access to all your practice and race results on the Speedhive platform (app & website)*
  • Improved battery charging (4x faster)

* Can't find your results on Speedhive? Ask your event organizer or local track to enable Speedhive

More about the X2 Transponder Kart

Warranty and Insurance

Your MYLAPS transponder or chip comes with warranty and insurance. It covers damage as a result of accident or fire – but not theft or loss.
This means MYLAPS guarantees that the device keeps working and is in good order.

If you have an X2 transponder, Flex transponder or ProChip with a valid subscription, we provide an unlimited warranty
as long as you have an active subscription, under some conditions. Should any problems occur during normal use – as described in the manual –
MYLAPS will repair or replace your transponder free of charge. All details can be found in our
warranty policy.