RC4 Transponder

In a sport where details matter as much as they do in RC racing, even the slightest modification can make all the difference. Insight into data such as lap times, connected voltage and ambient car temperature can shave seconds off your finish times. RC4 transponders can be used for both indoor and outdoor racing and will perform on just about any surface.

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Warranty and Insurance

Your subscription comes with warranty and insurance. It covers damage as a result of accident or fire – but not theft or loss. This means MYLAPS guarantees that the device keeps working and is in good order.

We provide an unlimited warranty as long as you have an active subscription, under some conditions. Should any problems occur during normal use – as described in the manual – MYLAPS will repair or replace your transponder free of charge. See our terms and conditions for further information.

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Insight into your lap times, connected voltage and ambient car temperature will improve your performance.

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