X2 Transponder Bike

The X2 is the new generation transponder replacing the old AMB/classic transponders. You can use X2 transponders on any track where you used the old AMB transponder. X2 is compatible with MYLAPS Timing Systems.

The X2 transponder requires a subscription. The price includes hardware and a subscription of 1, 2 or 5 years. After this initial period the subscription can be renewed.

(Please note; this X2 Transponder is for motor racing only and not for Motorcross/MX)


  • Unlimited warranty during active subscription
  • Compatible with all MYLAPS (AMB) Timing Systems
  • The most accurate technology
  • Improved battery charging (4x faster)
  • All your results in personal profile

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Separate Direct Power upgrades will become available soon

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More about the X2 Transponder Bike

Warranty and Insurance

Your MYLAPS transponder or chip comes with warranty and insurance. It covers damage as a result of accident or fire – but not theft or loss.
This means MYLAPS guarantees that the device keeps working and is in good order.

If you have an X2 transponder, Flex transponder or ProChip with a valid subscription, we provide an unlimited warranty
as long as you have an active subscription, under some conditions. Should any problems occur during normal use – as described in the manual –
MYLAPS will repair or replace your transponder free of charge. All details can be found in our
warranty policy.

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X2 Transponder Bike

The new generation transponder for motorcycle racing. Install it permanently with power from your battery, or use it as a rechargeable - with a back-up battery.

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